Sunday, 2 October 2011

Fish(es) & Freshers

So here's another post, just before it wil really start.

What's happened since thursday.. Well life gets more relaxed as I'm discovering the useful places and getting to know more people helping me out.
One of the 3rd year students I talked to was telling me a whole story about the fact that he always made sure he was away for the day when his room was cleaned. I dunno why, but it kinda makes sense when you think about it. It would be a little weird having a strange person vacuum cleaning under your desk while you're facebooking..
So I decided to do the cleaners this favour. Friday morning my room is scheduled to be cleaned. Therefore I decided to make use of the Fish Spa in the Clarendon Centre (shopping mall) where they actually have these boxes full of fish (one fish, three fishes but a lot of fish). The Garra Rufa. They nibble on you and are supposed to rejuvenate your skin by eating all the dead skincells. I heard of them quite often but never got interested enough to try it, nor the possibility.
So I went down town and got the Early Bird Special, basically that's a deal for which you pay 10 pounds and you can let the fish eat you from 9 till 11.
It is a really weird sensation. At first you feel like there's a million hands tickling (noo idea of the good translation of "kietelen") and the immediate reflex is to just pull away from the fish. After a while though it is actually incredible relaxing and it feels really nice! I brought a book with me, and I had a wonderful time while the fish were feasting on me =)
At a certain time (I guess I ran out of dead skincells) they started attacking my blisters and little cuts and all. And I can tell you, that HURTS! The mean little things made me bleed and stuff..

After spending the whole day scattered around Oxford leaving my room empty for cleaning, I must say I was a little disappointed when I got back and discovered there was no change at all..
Could have imagined though that the cleaning staff only works during term time..

Then I started my new addiction to QI (Quite Interesting). It is a really great and funny show! Everyone who hasn't seen it should at least watch one episode =)
So in the end I only went to bed at like 3 AM. Wouldn't have been a problem if I had remembered to close the blinds so that the sun wouldn't wake me at 8 AM...

And then yesterday. Other people start flocking in and invading my castle little by little. Up to the point that suddenly the door of my staircase was opened and my neighbour on the first floor has arrived. He's German and has a mustache.
That's a little short sighted. He is going to read PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economy) which is a veeery popular course here at Oxford.

At 7 PM all the freshers were gonna meet at the JCR (our common living room or Junior Common Room) for pizza and tv. When I entered we turned out to be like 4 freshers and a bunch of second year students all coming to look at us and all =P The other 2 were Canadian and American, so I am actually NOT really foreign around here. There was this guy who suddenly started to speak Dutch! (This really shocked me guys.. an Englishman actually voluntarily learned Dutch, the world is going to its end) Turns out he had been travelling all over the world, speaking 6 languages and all.
They were all really cool. We just hung out, and talked and had a nice evening =)

I actually wanted to go to bed quite early because I hadn't slept a lot (remember QI) but that was of no use ofcourse (the intentions are there though)
And the last thing I'm going to bore you with is this really annoying habit of mine. I always had a bed on the left side of the wall. Here my bed is placed against the right wall. This doesn't seem like anything serious, untill you find yourself constantly banging your head against the wall when you turn.. Unfortunately I am unconscious when I sleep so I can't overrule my instinct by saying that there's an obstructive element. So I'll either have to adapt and change my neuronal pathways or just be doomed to have a bump on my forehead for the coming 3 years. (I did some reading =))

That's it for now, I greet you from the reaally sunny continent of Britain and wish you all a great week!

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