Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Oxford's workload.. and Matriculation

In the weekend I have been matriculated. This is a very big deal here in Oxford. You dress up in sub fusc and go through this ritual, waiting at each step. Should be quite okay, as long as you are not stressing all the time about being sent away because of inappropriate dress.

This morning, while getting ready to go, Angus came by and literally looked perplexed at me asking me is I was serious. Why wouldn't I be serious wearing jeans and nice black all-stars? What's the problem with that? Apparently everything..
Spent the whole ceremony hiding between the rest. Luckily my friends felt pity for me and shielded and guarded me from the view of the supervisors. Jack had eagle eyes spotting them, thanks for that!
So I made it through that, and then it was Matriculash. I much preferred that part for sure.
Went to a pub, Tesco, party in Simon's room, pizza and then Number 9. Was a really good night =)
Coming back, I had lost my keys so we stayed in Simon's room. Literally till the morning. Having a post on the bed, I was able to sleep intermittently. Everytime I became aware of my surroundings and heard the conversation they became weirder and weirder.
Proper Matriculash I would say.

Since Monday, the working spirit has come down on Keble. People in libraries, pulling all-nighters and drinking coffee to stay awake. Basically catching up with all the work that has been pushed aside.
I have mainly been busy practicing piano, cause tomorrow I am gonna audition for the music scholarship. The competition is quite tough.. So quite nervous about it, but I'll just give it a go. I will play Deux Arabesques and a Sonatine. we'll see how it goes.

today I went to Richard's room (music student) who has a piano in his room. He has loads of good music books, and is incredibly talented. He could just play my Sonatine without ever having seen it before, and even improved it at some points. I am jealous and admirative at the same time..
Called with my sis and Jerome, which always makes me feel good =)
Then just randomly listened to music, till Mike came stumbling in back from his Chemistry blinds. I told him after a while to go to sleep, which he did. A few minutes later though he came back dressed in a suit on a knee and proposed!
I got married =)

That's it for now. I might get some sleep, so I'll be fit tomorrow for the audition.
Next time I'll elaborate more, sorry for the shortness of it.

xx Foxy

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