Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So a quick post before I go away again.

Fresher's has officially started and it's even more chaotic than I thought. Probably met a few people a couple of times without knowing..
By the way, really awkward if someone does remember your name and you don't theirs. I feel really bad if that happens.
Basically I helped my neighbours moving in a bit (I might have carried 4 bags =D ) and then there was this huge meeting at the JCR where everyone seemed to try and fit in aka impossible. Luckily the weather here is still mad so that we could move the the grass of the Hayward Squad (best place of Keble ^^)

Almost everyone had arrived but my very own bathroom-sharing neighbour, my 3rd course buddy and my Keble brother. My neighbour is called Hannah and is totally nice. My brother is Ed, doing arch  & anth and I'm proud he's my brother =)

We had a family pub meeting at the Lamb & Flag. Only problem though is that our parents just didn't show up, leaving us orphans.. When they finally did arrive though, they turned out to be the coolest parents ever. So I guess I'll forgive them that. My dad, Xan, totally is a legend around here. Everyone says that my mum is like really smart, so I'm gonna be fine =)
It was reaaaally crowded at the pub though, no space for moving. Still some bikers decided they definitely wanted to travel through the crowd -.- One guy even managed to pull an entire kart with stuff through..

Afterwards there was this dinner in the hall. And then I understood why my 3rd course buddy wasn't there yet. Andrei is actually coming from Washington DC. So yeah, pretty international here. I'm probably of a quite mainstream background.

Quick clothe change and then of to the Thirst bar. Too much people, too much crowd but really fun! Apparently some of the students have read my blog and recognised me, how cool is that =) I felt really flattered. The music guy, Richard, fell asleep after dinner and woke up when we got back. Hilarious! Well, I'm not gonna bore you with eeeeeverything.
Got back, watched QI, slept an hour or two and was asked to join for breakfast by my lovely neighbour Hannah but wasn't quite ready yet.. So went later.

Fire Saftey Introduction thingy talk. And now I've got a little time to get myself organised. (Which I WILL do sometime.) SOOO Happy Angus is my neighbour =) I totally lost a few papers with meetings with the Chaplain and all, and they had just been telling us how rude it is not to turn up. (Politeness is really important here, if someone bumps into you YOU are supposed to say sorry) -weird English..-
So Angus showed me the timetable and I'm at 4.15 PM luckily. Got my bike registered and my card activated. SOMEHOW the system was programmed to activate my card in 2012.. (I was looking really stupid trying to open a gate with the card and it gave this red puppet.. 3rd years had a good laugh)

PS: My mum gave me her phone cause she didn't have a purse. At some point I lost her in the crowd and never saw her for the whole night.. Thought about calling her, but no.

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