Thursday, 13 October 2011

loads of work - loads of friends - loads of alcohol - no sleep..

So I finally found a little bit of time, during one of the room parties on a typical thursday at a ridiculous time. That's basically the way of life here. This blog has been officially sponsored by Jack, the best host in Keble. He can make jagerbowls, toasties, has good chocolate cake when Keble provides nasty, disgustable cream.

Since last time there has been a massive change. Saturday there was the BOP, which is actually everyone just dressing up in the theme My big fat gypsy wedding (didn't know that show..) and getting incredibly lashed and have an amazingly good time. After the BOP, the party went on at my dad's room (Xan) and it kinda got very late. I gradually lost all my accessories somewhere, but hey it was worth it.

 I have actual lectures, serious tutorials and work to do.. Also books to read. Pile is nicely adding up. First lectures were really horrible though. A math lecture with a lecturer who really scares the hell out of you. I thought I was good at math, appears I'm not so..
Then a tutorial with Simon Hunt. Luckily we had dance sport at night. I've learned to Waltz with Simon (It's a lot harder than it looks people.. ) The girl is supposed to dance backwards, who came up with that?! It's an accepted fact that guys can't lead (except for Jack ofcourse) Okay, I need to acknowledge that Simon didn't let me bump my head against walls or so.
After that we learned the chacha. Most amazingly funny dance ever =) Truly so easy actually. Within 2 minutes Jack and I were chacha-ing through all the room. He kinda surprised me though, he is very strong! So this hilariously fun night made up for the rest =)
Probably there was a party at someone's room afterwards, I just can't keep track of them anymore.. So it probably was fun.

Next morning we had lectures again, beginning to feel incredibly tired and useless during those.. Therefore I decided to not work and hide myself in the wonderful music room =) Thanks to Owen, (currently called Peppin ) I knew how to get in.

Yesterday Bea had a party at her room, fucking hot. Literally I mean (before everyone starts ridiculising me again) Went to bed, couldn't sleep. Mike came and we had a 3 AM tea in my room till 5.30 AM.

This morning there was a fire drill.. Like at 8 AM. Sleep is seriously a rare thing around Keble. I literally ran down in my pyjama's feeling really cold and ridiculous since everyone else was dressed. Where's the joke in that..? I literally thought I was gonna be deaf of the alarm, there was no way you could pretend not to hear it.. Following that were lectures till 4 PM. And practicing a bit of piano for the recital tomorrow that I decided to do this morning.. Oh yeah, and another Tutorial. We actually need to work a lot. With we, I mean the Science people. The others just don't have lectures and annoy me when I need to go. The BASTARDS can sleep in late. Just joking, they're lovely ^^
Tried to make rice in my kettle, big mistake. Spent an hour trying to get all the little rice thingies out of it and failed. I can't make tea anymore =(
Then to the Biomedical Societies Drinks. Free wine of course, and lots of people to meet finally for real. Normally only saw them quickly during lectures and lost them again since we biomeds are an endangered species..
Wanted to work afterwards, but decided to head to the bar and have fun instead. And ofcourse I ended up in Jack's room. Finally taking some time to update this thing.
The English people are making fun of it though..

Basically I am going to amend my rythm and do some work eventually I hope.. And have fun too =)

PS: Bea is amazing!
PPS: Samrita is so much fun =)
PPPS: Kirsty is the loveliest sub representative you could wish =)
PPPPS: I hate you Simon ^^

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