Friday, 7 October 2011


Seems like ages ago that I last wrote something. So much has happened, it's hard to keep track of everything. So I'll try and do my best in not forgetting anything (quick look at the schedule..)

Tuesday we had an informal social meeting with our coming tutors, meds and biomeds together. It started off a bit weird, given the fact that I hadn't really mingled with them yet and I was afraid of leaving a bad impression with those geniuses. We got a free labcoat, which actually isn't as huge in size as those at the Stedelijk Dalton Overkampweg neither as dirty as those.. So happy with it =)

nibbles, drinks, interesting science, we were bound to end up having a good time. Afterwards we went to the subject dinner, meaning that for once the Fellows (our tutors) wouldn't exclude themselves and sit at High Table (which really is raised 5 cm!) but sat amongst us common folk. I sat next to Simon Butt (English people tend to really have funny last names =D) who is the neuroscience guy. It was great talking to him. He was actually a student at Keble in his days and has travelled around the world and now has come back again. Reaallly amazingly interesting, and very nice as well.
Later on I had a chat with my main tutor (also the Dean) which was incredibly motivating. Unlike my expectations, we talked a lot about social stuff as well. There is an immediate bond created, which is necessary to get you through your first tutorials without dying from stress..

After dinner, get changed (I had literally 5 minutes to change from a gown and appropriate smart outfit to a UV Bubbles theme white dress and all.. My amazingly helpful friend Hannah helped me =)) The club for tonight would be Park End, which is literally so huge that you can easily not meat the same people twice the whole evening. There were seperate dancefloors with different kinds of music and themes, which was really cool. The only downside was the ridiculous amount of time you spent waiting to be able to order a drink. It was sooo crowded! I literally got pushed back and forth and sometimes got seperated from my Keble People (luckily there were others where this migration of the crowd brought me)
At 2 AM we headed back and I ended up at Giacomo's room (which is really great!) with some English students, previously mentioned Simon and Bea. I might not have mentioned Bea, but I should have. She tends to be my talking point after we went out and I am watching QI =) She's crazily funny! Also a 2nd year, Owen, crept up amongst us, without us realising it. But he's cool, so that turned out for the best =)
I dunno exactly when, but at some point (after that I learned all the awkward silence breakers) we headed back and I could indulge in some QI to finish of this perfect night.
Ended up not sleeping at all, since it was too late for that when I realised my situation.

Wednesday we head this library tour through the Radcliffe Science Library (I WILL need to spend some time there) Kirsty, the best subject representative imaginable, and her friend Marisa, the German med student I talked about a long time ago helped us getting all the relevant and useful textbooks for our course. They even helped carrying it back ^^
In the afternoon we went chilling in the park. It was supposed to be sports, but since it got quite cold and I was kinda tired we just hung out. Good fun, meeting even more new people.
Barbara organised a little party at her room with some noodles and rice and drinks. Really nice. Only point was that there was some home-made chili in the rice, which totally set my mouth on fire! I wasn't able to think about anything else than that burning in  my throat.. Measures needed to be taken quickly. I went back and drank a litre of milk, and gradually it soothed and went away. My god, next time I'll think twice!
Then getting ready for Camera (club). This involves a process. First, the most important thing is to get pre-lashed (voordrinken). Everyone wore our Keble College T-shirt (saves a lot of work getting ready) and we went. Nice club, more room, but steaming hot! I was wearing trousers this time and I cannot imagine how all those guys survive with trousers in clubs (some even in whole suits!)
ANddd....... tadadadatada: Emma Watson was there! Ofcourse everyone massively went crazy. Poor girl..
I went back quite early, and noticed that Hannah was back too. So we sat down and had a wonderful cup of tea and finally I had the opportunity to really talk to her. It was such a difference with the hectic of fresher's week, really a moment of calmness. After I think 2 hours of this, we started being tired and decided to go to sleep. That is, I was going to, but then a sudden urge let me put on my laptop and watch QI again. Only just when I started the show, Simon came ruining Foxy's (my nickname) QI and we Bea came along as well. Had great fun, in the early morning hours. Bea can be such a genius =)

Next morning we had tutorials at 9 AM. This turned out to be quite a shock, given the sleep deprivation.. I was in the nick of time, and a little later =P I don't know why but suddenly I had forgotten where my tutor's room was.. Luckily I wasn't the last to arrive.
In the afternoon we went to the Fresher's Fair. This basically is like the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, but then for societies, groups and everything social. I signed up for so much, incredible. Took a long time though, since it was really busy!
Back at Keble, loaded with lots of flyers, we went up to the Chapel Roof. You basically go up at an angle of 80 degrees and get a magnificent view over Oxford with the Dreaming Spires and Keble itself.
Fair at the College, much less crowded and much more likeable =)
Then I have started doing some work for the first time. Got out a new math's problem sheet and worked through it. Angus is a genius in explaining all the problems I couldn't solve myself =)
Dinner in gown again, and that night there would be a band playing live for a little while in the college. It didn't really appeal to me, and even though people tried to get a party started in their room, that does take some time.
Luckily Arthur (Dutch, doing Arabic in Wadham) proposed I payed him a visit =) And it turned out to be really cool! Had a wonderful night, people nice, good live guitar music =) Definitely not the last time! When I got back, I literally stumbled upon my dad, Xan. Had a laugh with him, he got my shirt back ! Soooo Happy with that =) and then off to Eleanor Watts's room. She had a nice party going on there, my brother Ed was there as well. After a few embarrassing moments (I never change..) I went back to watch some QI. I had literally just clicked on the internet icon when Simon happened to arrive in the staircase, with a friend George whom I met at his birthday. Bye bye QI.. But it was fun. Listened to really cool music which I never even heard of. I was sooo tired that I fell asleep in someone else's room though... Is that a sign I should stop trading sleep for QI?

Well, briefly, today I met a few other biomedics briefly. Then I've done some preparatory work for an individual Tutorial and I really liked it. I am getting excited about the course, but I do see the pile of work and stuff I need to do growing alarmingly quick...
Having drinks with my mum and then a Family dinner =)

So I'm off now!

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