Thursday, 29 September 2011

Craaaaaazy English People & Booze..

Well, I took a shower just now and am starting to feel better.

How did I land up like that? Answer is simple: English people & booze.
After writing yesterday, I decided to do a bit of reading because I am seriously not on schedule with that. Problem is, it's actually too hot over here! Even while sitting in the shade I felt like I was being cooked on both sides.. Not very comfi.
With that failure to do something useful, I completely gave up for the day.

Then, at 18.10 sharp, Simon & Joe arrived to guide me to Saffron. Joe's a really cool guy, like Simon, so that was great =) Only my handicap became apparent during dinner. While everyone was talking and having 3 conversations at the same time and megging/trolling/rassing and do on, I felt so foreign! It is a really weird thing, to notice that even if you do speak the language, you still don't master it.
Dinner was veery good! Incredible how good Indian food can taste like =)

Then on to a pub, called The Swan & Castle just next to Oxford Castle. Got my first lessons in ale and must say that it's better than what it looks like. Met a lot of people, like I can't even count how many. And they were all REALLY AMAZINGLY COOL =D So yeah, had a great time talking with everyone. By the way, it's so cute when English try to speak French wit zizz rreallie funniee aksent. Anz zen zey akt az if it iz verrrriee goet!
There was actually one guy who really spoke good French, was quite amazed since he had no French blood in him. Then, another friend of Simon doing Classics (yeah, sounds boring and dull, but he trully is not in a paradoxal way) is actually going to study at a college here close by!
A lot of the people are going to Cambridge though, saying they want a new adventure and try something new. Fair enough, but why leave the most amazing city ? They'll only get disappointed.. 

But the story doesn't stop there. We went to Cellar to continue. Imagine that all those English people keep on ordering drinks and all, of HUGE proportions. It was crazy, no other word for it. But it was actually really fun. Long story short, had an amazing night and a look at the student life in Oxford.

Today it is totally too hot again. Unimaginable! I really feel  like I'm melting outside. So I haven't figured out yet what I'll do the rest of the day. Probably visit the Ashmolean Museum and try to get on with some reading. No, changed my mind. I'll settle for finally reading, and then later I'll try finishing the assignments I need to do before term starts.. Not really interesting, so probably won't hear from me for a couple of days. Need to reorganize a bit and get back on track.

Have fun, and lots of luck for all those who already started studying! (I really like saying that =))

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  1. I'm gonna test the CD this weekend at home, so I'll send it to you as soon as I know it works :-D. So don't worry, I didn't forget you ;-). And btw, where are those pictures???