Sunday, 25 September 2011

Yeeeey! I finally arrived and I live "on my own" =D

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned a few times, I wanted to keep up a blog so I don't loose all the contact with you.
I only was too busy with all other kinds of stuff to actually do it.
But now that I am finally here, there's plenty of time! (for 4 days I mean..)

So, the packing was crazy. I wanted to take far too much. But how are you going to be able to decide what to bring to your future life? Impossible..
After a lot of packing, testint (just bought a laptop) and repacking the car started to be filled. Halfway through, I noticed that a bag was still full self-made jam which had exploded during my adventure back from the vineyards.. Great start..
Finally everything was set & done around midnight.

At 4.30 in the morning we got up.. In the end everybody wanted to get a look of Oxford, so it would be a family trip. After looaaaads of difficulty to get everyone IN the car, we finally took off.
Sis & I went sleeping. Mum&Dad were driving.
Before I knew it, we were already at Calais, checking in. We stopped for a well deserved caffe latte and drove into the train. The train transport is incredibly fast! I hadn't noticed that the 2 other times with school..

When we went out of the tunnel, we were quite amazed. It was actually good weather, with the sun and everything! But we still needed to travel another 3 hours. ON THE LEFT. Sometimes quite scary..

Arriving at my college (Keble) I went to the porter to ask for the key. And O my god.. I was staring at the face of Ron Weasley! With the most british accent I EVER heard.. All my courage sank to the bottom of my socks (probably not an english expression)

When I first got into my room, I only saw my view. And it is HUGE & PRETTY =D I've got this couch on which 2 people could sleep, and a huge desk and a fridge and a looooot of space for books =) My room here is double the size of the room I got at my parents..
Ofcourse I had forgotten something, I wouldn't be me if I hadn't. But this time I really screwed up.. I left my wallet with ID, money, cards and stuff in the bag which I repacked the last minute..
Thank god I also have a French passport!
Again, it's not my fault. It's in the genes. My sister already lost her phone at the cafe in Calais.

After 3 hours or so I was settled, and we went into Oxford a little bit. It was already after 5 PM so shops and attractions were closed, but it stays an amazingly beautiful city. Then we had a lot of trouble finding a spot in a pub, they're literally full. You can't even get in. Everyone is drinking or eating on the tables, next to them, on the counter, in the air.. They are too popular.
Finally found a spot luckily and enjoyed the good pub food and drink. I had my first Pimm's, and I sense that there are many more to come =) They are reeaaaally good!

Today I am going to visit the Bodleian Library and then I think I might do some shopping (gown, kettle) I'm gonna take it easy, and probably continue the loads of reading I need to do.

That's my firt blog! I'm going to try to update it regularly. You all enjoy studying and partying! And I see you soon =)

Marielle @ Keble College

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