Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Little Basterd Invasion!

The past two days I have finally gotten over the "Oh my God I'm in Oxford" feeling.
Yesterday I spent doing research to find my fellow Biomed students, and the one I found on facebook do seem to be very nice. Reassuring, since we are only 40. At least the people with whom I'll spend the coming 3 years with are cool =)

I also went on a biking tour along the canal (I thought..) but got hopelessly lost and ended up on in a beautiful park, just next to the Botanical Gardens. I saw a squirrel, just wandering about and looking for nuts. I, thinking it was special, started to make a looooot of photos.After 15 minuntes or so, I decided to go on. Turns out, squirrels are just as special as joggers in the park.. They are literally everywhere! Very funny to see them busy trying to dig in their reserves for the winter =) They are not at all bothered by people walking by, allowing me to get pretty close to them.

Then, when I wanted to head into town for my mobile phone, and I was walking towards my bike, I suddenly remembered that my key of the bike was still in my room. As I was heading back towards my staircase, I fumbled in my pocket to get out the BBKK (Big Brother Keble Key, essential, life is not possible without it) to become aware of the fact that I had forgotten to lock my room, and left the keys on the outside of my room. What's the problem then? Well this is: There's another door between me and my room for which I need the BBKK. In short, I locked myself out..
Too embarassed by the situation, I started to look around for a student to help me out. Nope, everyone gone around 4 PM here.. So I needed to head to the porter's lodge and humbly explain the situation. Luckily a 3rd year student escorted me.

Today I got up, and thought I might try jogging in the University Park. All set and done, I went. Beautiful, lovely in the morning and very nice. Jogging just ain't my thing.. Next time I'll just take my book. When back, I took a shower and when I entered my room again (bathroom is in the room adjacent to mine) there suddenly was a window cleaner! So I quickly took some clothes and disappeared into the bathroom again.

All dressed, I headed into town to look for a giftjoke to buy for Simon (it's his b'day) And Boswells is THE place to be =) When I returned, I came across Marisa. She's a 2nd year Medicine student at Keble. She was just on her way to the market. " The market? You mean covered market? No, a REAL market!" They actually have a real market on wednesdays =) Marisa explained a lot and showed some nice spots, a lovely Fairtrade shop which is impossible to find if not a local and a good bike shop (deffo a must for me =P)
Just got back, now I think I'll just get my book out and read in the Hayward quad with a view on my room =) The first time I take my book here, but I'm predicting there's many more to come!

Tonight : dinner at Saffron (just love the name =)) followed by an evening out under the guidance of Simon & his friends.

That's it for the moment!

PS: I took photo's, as soon as I've figured out how to get them on this blog, you'll see them =)

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