Monday, 26 September 2011

My home =)

Hey everyone!

Another post already, now that I still have time I try to tell as much as possible. Tomorrow I want to make pics so that you can get an idea of what Oxford's like and a few nice spots I already discovered.

First of all, I visited the Bodleian Library with my folks and sis before they left. It is really an impressive building dating back from the 15th century. (completion in 1488, 60 years of construction, they kept running out of money..) Lots of history, and a beautiful setting. And I will be allowed to use books out of there to study =) It's really a must see. The tour started in the hospital of Harry Potter. Then we went into a Welcome room where Parliament came together during crisis in London (The Plague and stuff) and I got to sit in the accused spot. That's where students who misbehaved or didn't pay their tuition fees were summoned and punished. Basically, the accused sits in the middle in a kind of cage while the judges are far higher looking down upon the poor thing.. Above, there's the actual library. The books are chained so that no one takes them away. It's quite huge, and smells like wood everywhere. Just next to the Bodleian is the Radcliffe Camera (not named after Daniel, but after John Radcliffe) This part of the library is actually more pretty than that it's useful. A very good study area though.

After that I had to say goodbye and was left to enjoy Oxford on my own. In the afternoon I went to do some grocery shopping (to put in my own fridge!) and bought a kettle (you see, I'm adapting) Then my very cool diagonal neighbour Simon offered to show me Oxford. We saw a loooot of places. I really liked the meadows (forgot the name) and there's a beautiful path alongside the canal. I'm gonna explore that sometime. And actually, Oxford isn't huge at all. It's the nicest, charming city I know of. Simon, as a real Oxfordian Englishman, sometimes uttered real Oxfordian english slang. Luckily he is kind enough to explain them so that I won't look like a dork everywhere I go. Back in my room I made my first tea! In plastic cups, but hey, it was tea =) Then, Simon tipped me a very cosy and good Spanish restaurant.

Next day I got up quite early. The gardener was trying to get all the apples out of the apple tree, which proved to be quite difficult. It was hilarious to see =) Then the brushing man came. It's a whole morning ritual here to take care of the grass. Got up, bought my gown, mortarboard and black ribbon at Shepherd & Woodward (turns out I've got a huge head..) and visited the Museum of Natural History. That's really great! They've got these stuffed animals at the beginning with signs saying "Please Touch" Very soft furs of Shetland ponies or leopords. There's also this impressive collection of dinosaurs and fluorescent stones =) (Really cool to see =)) As I was strolling along High Street, I suddenly saw a cute little church, and there was a very good concert of Schubert, Liszt and Chopin. One of the most beautiful I have heard. ( I was the only listener under the age of 50, but it was well worth going)

I've discovered the one thing that is cheaper in England than in the Netherlands : McFluyrries are only 99 pennies. As a student I will make use of that fact =)

So, tomorrow I'm gonna set out on a touristic walk through Oxford, and maybe bike along the canal and take some pics. Also of my room ofcourse;)



  1. Sounds really nice :-). Good to hear you've "integrated" already! I'm really looking forward to seeing some pictures of course! And do you know if the holidays overlap? 'cause it sounds really nice, and if I have time I'd love to get by once!
    Take care :-)

  2. Leuk meiss! echt super! Kan nIET WACHTEN OP PICS! oops capss, veeel plezier voor de laatste vrije dagen ! xx