Thursday, 22 December 2011


To update my blog completely I will now write a bit of my return here in Holland.
I directly went to the family birthday in Eindhoven (my birthplace) and stayed over at an uncle to celebrate Saint Nicolas the other day. Lovely to see all my family again, but I need to admit I felt pretty broken and exhausted. Had a wonderfully good Saint Nicolas (Thanks Koen for the practical joke!) after which I finally headed home. I was insane with joy to see my cats (and I like to think they were too ^^) and to get into my well-deserved 10 day sleep-a-thon.

Since then I met up with a few friends, had Sushi with Jerome, got Microsoft Office on my laptop, went back to my old school and unexpectedly ran into my friend from the beginning of primary school! She is now getting experience by learning from MY old German teachers. Small world.
I've been playing an amazing amount of piano and finally I was able to satisfy my urge to read literature (I have just read one book during term : Desiderata)
To my biggest disappointment and most of all enormous frustration there was a little boy of 12 years old who, at the high school performance I went to watch to see my sister sing beautifully, just casually played 2 piano pieces on which I had been struggling the past 3 days in a row. I was NOT AMUSED. That little prick...

On the program atm is seeing my primary school friend tomorrow and going out to dinner tomorrow. Then Christmas with family here, a party at the house of 4 friends who study in Eindhoven, a sauna day with my sis and a week of snowboarding before returning back to Keble!!!!
Oh yeah, somewhere in between I need to do lots of revision, and write a Christmas essay.

Well, I already notice the difference between my blogs about Oxford and back here. Life back home is relatively boring compared to Keble. Actually my main occupation has been missing my friends and Keble so much that I started counting down the days the day after Saint Nicolas. These superlong holidays are not that great in my opinion. Luckily I have survived more than half already, so my return is in sight =)

For everyone I have not been able to meet yet : I am still here till the 30th of December. Else I do think and miss you guys too, and hope your new lives are good!
A personal message to a few:
Simon I miss your hairdrier
I cannot see cheese without thinking of you Bea!
Calypso, where is that angel in my life?
What would I be without my conscience and literary adviser Tylor?
I became quite attached to the midnight tea  with my husband which I am missing..
Sometimes I find myself knocking on my wall to discover that you're not there Maeve =O
Missing the calm harbour of James'  room where I could stress out
Richard I need your expertise with my piano!
Sasha I just generally miss you
A world without Jack is just so much more boring.

That's it for now. I will try to write something during/after snowboarding and then I hope (so don't pin me down on it!) that I will be able to make weekly posts about Keble-life. My goals for next term are namely: being more effective with time-management, getting a decent amount of sleep overall, do not fall asleep during lectures/tutorials, getting all the work done nicely in time and filing everything straight away. So that should leave me some time to keep this blog a bit more alive.

PS: It felt so good writing English again!

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